Vous Vitamin Review and Giveaway.

So I am feeling pretty special. I got to make my own customizable multivitamin with the help of http://www.vousvitamin.com/vous1/


“Two doctors have created VOUS Personalized Multivitamins to address individual needs.
Unlike ‘one-size-fits-all’ multivitamins, VOUS Vitamin™ provides the right combination and amount of vitamins – for your body, no-one else’s”.

I usually just take a generic multivitamin, but after taking a quick survey on Vous Vitamin I had created my own personal vitamin tailored for what my body needs.

The survey is simple. It asks you things like your age, what region you live in (annual exposure to the sun affects your nutritional needs), your fruit intake, red meat intake, workout regime, some family history questions, your dietary restrictions, are you a smoker/drinker, sleep schedule, and lastly they ask how you feel. There are a number of boxes to check from. Things like no energy, acne, sadness, joint pain etc. After you fill out the survey (it only takes 3-5 minutes) Vous Vitamin takes all of your answers and determines what kind of things you need in your vitamins. They next make your batch of vitamins based on the answers you gave and ship them to you directly. So cool.

What is interesting is that most generic multivitamins have been called into question lately regarding the possible harm they might cause. They can exceed recommended doses of certain nutrients. This is bad. Too much of something is never good. On the flip side of that, our bodies need certain things we just can’t give them on our own. Many of us lack Vitamin D and iron. Those are two super important things our bodies need. I know I am lacking in both of those departments, especially iron. Commercial multivitamins are just that. Commercial. Mass produced. Over produced. It’s a generic pill with “good stuff” in it, when really they could be causing more harm than good.

By filling out the Vous Vitamin survey they can determine exactly what it is that your body needs. It’s all safe and made with naturally derived ingredients as well.

“Our products are always freshly made locally and only in the United States from the highest quality ingredients. Your fresh-packed vitamins are gluten free, non-GMO, lactose free and produced without any meat or meat products. The vitamins will be sent directly to you”.


I have been taking my vitamins for over a month now and I feel great. I have been walking 5-8 miles a day, seem to have more energy, and I can tell I am getting more iron because I am bruising less. I used to bruise so easily due to lack of iron intake.

I highly suggest checking them out and taking their survey. It is always worth taking a chance on something new if it could help your body gets what it needs!

Vous Vitamins want to show my readers some love too! They are giving two of my readers a situational vitamin pack. 

Power Up’ for an energy boost any time of day. ‘Immune Blast’ yourself when everyone else is coming down with something. Or use ‘Recovery Act’ to stave off effects from that big night out…

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To enter like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/vouspersonalizedvitamin and leave a comment on their wall saying I sent you! I will randomly pick two winners in a week.

Good luck! 



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Passion Xo Sun cocktail!


Well it happened. Summer has come and gone. Pretty soon it will be time for changing leaves, pumpkin lattes, and scarves. I love summer so much though I don’t ever want to let it go. Maybe that is why I live on an island! ;)

I got  a chance to sample a wonderful new beverage made by Passion XO called Sun. It’s a passionfruit flavored cognac that is smooth on the palate and leaves you longing for a hot day. It’s sweet but not fruity and goes down smoothly.

Processed with VSCOcam with 8 presetIMG_6132.JPG

IMG_6133.JPGI mixed mine with just a splash of orange juice! So light and fruity. Perfect for your last end of the summer get together.

There are other flavors! Passion XO combines Birkedal Hartmann Premium XO Cognac with a variety of natural fruit juices. It is currently available in three exotic flavors: Passion Fruit (Sun), Pomegranate (Pink) and Blue Curacao (Blue). All are smooth and refreshing. They can be enjoyed chilled, on the rocks, or used as mixers with other premium spirits such as vodka, rum, Tequila or Champagne.

Check out their facebook page for more info!




FiberChoice get picky challenge update.

Hi friends! I am writing to you from the amazing city of Bangkok! I will be returning to the states soon, but I wanted to update you on my 30 day challenge with fiber choice!

The challenge is almost wrapping up and I have to say I am impressed with the results. I have been continuing my 2 tablets of weight management sugar free strawberry tablets 2 times a day.

Fiber-Choice-Weight-Management-Sugar-Free-Strawberry-Chewable-Tablets-90-Count-0-262x300 (1)

Everyone told me that coming to Asia would have my stomach super confused and sick. I am happy to report (and a little embarrassed haha) that I have been completely regular and on time every single day. I have not had one issue with being able to go to the bathroom.

It’s been great because I have been eating all kinds of crazy food over here and not nearly enough vegetables. I know by taking my FiberChoice pills that I am getting the dietary fiber I need to make myself regular.

I am feeling really good. My regular psyllium husk pills always helped me in the bathroom department, but honestly I would have to say I am having better results with Fiber Choice.

I am looking forward to getting back into the states and continuing on my fiber quest.

Thank you http://www.fiberchoice.com/ for helping my month and vacation run smoothly. Ha. Ha. Ha!

I will be back with some special offers and updates for you guys soon.

Thanks for reading!



Vacation is coming so quickly! We leave for LA on the 19th, and Thailand on the 22nd. So excited!! Sorry I have been quiet. I have just been walking a lot and eating healthy. Lots of water. Vacation mode has me seriously motivated. I can’t wait to travel all around the world.


Hope you all well..


Love you all! 


The 30-Day Get Picky Challenge with Fiber Choice.

**This 30 day Get Picky Challenge and this post is sponsored by FiberChoice**
So I try to keep it real with you guys. I share a lot. My entire health related journey has been a roller coaster of ups and downs for the past three years. This might seem awkward to write about or read (it totally is) but now I am going to get to the point. Fiber. We need it. We should all be going to the bathroom regularly. Yay for healthy pooping! I take psyllium husk every single day to make sure I am getting enough fiber in my diet to keep myself regular.

This summer I was contacted by http://www.fiberchoice.com/  to join them in their get picky challenge. I was kind of confused. Do I want to talk about fiber pills? Do I want to switch and try a new fiber pill? Their pills contain prebiotic fiber that can help aid in digestion as well as keep you regular. After I read more about the product I decided I had to join the challenge. It’s only 30 days and I am all about helping my system work smoothly.

They have a ton of options and flavors. I chose the weight management sugar-free strawberry tablets. They are sweet and chewy. Kind of like a treat for someone like me who is on a low carb diet. I have 4 a day.


“Each serving of FiberChoice is packed with inulin, the same healthy fiber found naturally in many fruits and vegetables. Even better, inulin is a prebiotic fiber, and prebiotics nourish probiotics — the ‘good’ bacteria in the digestive system. So with two little tablets, you get the general benefits of fiber while supporting the immune system, digestive tract — and your overall health”.

Most Americans are only getting about half of their recommended fiber grams a day.

I have been using the product for a week and so far so good. I can’t wait to let you know how the rest of the month/challenge “goes”. Get it?!?! Ha!

Check out their website for coupons and more info. I join you all to get picky with me! Their products are readily available.


-Disclaimer- Product provided to me from Fiber Choice + compensation for campaign. Opinions are my own as always.

Healthy Upgrades for your life! Exercise, Nutrition, and Beauty.


Healthy Upgrades for your life! Exercise, Nutrition, and Beauty.

Originally posted on Grace Got Healthy! :

Mid-August is flying towards us, and I’m greeting it with mixed emotions. On one hand, I’m looking forward to the end of hot and sticky days; on the other hand, the end of summer means saying goodbye to kayaking, swimming, and eating nothing but ripe fruit for dinner. As a result, this month becomes this weird, in-between territory, caught somewhere between sandals and new school supplies.

To deal with this, I’ve decided to embark on some mini-upgrades, ways to take advantage of these last hot days while looking forward to autumn. You know, like filling up the last page of a notebook before cracking open a fresh new one (pro tip, y’all—whether you are in school or not, you NEED new pens and planners for fitness/diet tracking…best feeling ever!)

Exercise upgrade:

First up is my exercise routine. The most consistent workout, the one I do all summer, is to go…

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