Food pics from this weekend.

Grocery haul

I already have a ton of frozen meat so here are some random thing a I picked up. 

  1. Eggs
  2. Salsa
  3. Summer rolls
  4. Evoo
  5. Lentil hummus
  6. Edamame hummus
  7. Tzaki dressing
  8. Toasted coconut
  9. Snap peas
  10. Jerky
  11. Grab and go mini veggie/pita/hummus things.
  12. Deli meat

  1. La croix seltzer
  2. Protein shakes

  1. Salad kits
  2. Cherries
  3. Carrots

What’s in your haul this week? 

Australia adventures.

It’s been my dream since a teenager to get to Australia. When I found ultra cheap flight and hotel to get there I knew we had to book. We stayed in Sydney– and spent 1 night up north in Hunter valley which is full of wineries. It was a grand trip. Pics taken from Bondi Beach, Downtown Sydney, and Hunter Valley.

May loving.

Obsessed with this right now.Really digging my new kis essential oil kit. Gonna have to look into this more!#trustnooneBritany Murphy slaying. ❤️Perfect outfit.Headed to the blue mountains in Australia next month! Stoked!My husband Aziz.Currentlt watching for the third time.No caption needed.loving my chiropractor. She makes me feel alive.want.sip that lemonade bey.


Bad at blogging.

Hey friends. I know I suck at blogging, but I am seriously good at sharing random things all over the internet. If you want to know what I am up to make sure you are following me! I want to follow you back!!!

Love you guys! I will try to blog more.😉

Buffalo Turkey Cupcakes.

Still one of my favorites!This recipe turned out really well! This is going to be short and sweet since I didn’t take a lot of photos. Buffalo Turkey Cupcakes Makes 6 servings Ingredients 1 package of 97% fat free gro…

Source: Buffalo Turkey Cupcakes.

Healthy Guilty Pleasure Recipes. French Fries, Pizza, Mac and Cheese, Nutella oh my!

Grace Got Healthy!

A guest post by Jen!

Hey guys, I’m back! I’ve put together even more recipes to satisfy your daily cravings except instead these are guilty pleasures turned healthy.  Working at a medical and cosmetic practice is tough! We specialize in breast reconstructive surgery and breast augmentations in Kansas City so we always want to look our best even if I just want to devour an entire cheesecake. Everyone is always wondering how I stay healthy and (somewhat) slim but bring fries and mac and cheese to work! Well here is my secret: tweaking recipes and finding recipes that allow me to have what I want but a better form of it. Then I make a bunch so it’s accessible right at the tip of my fingers and even bring it into work for lunch. So that mac and cheese and delicious French fries can really be yours forever without worrying…

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How I got rid of my dry winter hands!

Did anyone else experience dry, cracked, irritated, bright red angry hands during this crazy winter? Or worse– Are you still experiencing horribly chapped hands from angry winter winds and dry temps? If so, I FEEL FOR YOU.

Living in Florida I know you all are totally rolling your eyes at me but I swear to you. I was experiencing some serious winter blues over here. Dry irritated skin that came out of no where. I tried tons of products but only found one that helped!

To give you an idea of what this Florida girl was working with-



Anyways, I ran across   and decided I had to try something to get rid of this gross skin.

This  product

 Archipelago Botanicals Soy Creme Milk saved my poor hands.

In two days my skin had cleared up completely. I use it once every single day and that has helped keep my hands feeling just right. Everything is natural and in my opinion MAGIC as it completely transformed my hands in a matter of a few uses. It’s my go to lotion. It smells delightful- sort of like honeysuckle and won’t leave your hands greasy.

It’s now 80 degrees outside as I type this, but to the rest of my winter warriors out there. You need this lotion if you want the healthiest cleanest hands—with no cracks!

Thanks so much Archipelago!


South of France pictures.











Biena Rocking ranch chickpeas!

I had the pleasure of trying a really cool snack this week. Ranch flavored chickpeas! You guys know I am low carb so it’s hard to find high fiber/ low carb snacks that taste good. These guys have 6 grams of fiber a serving! Perfect for a quick munch or even better thrown on a salad for croutons!

Non gmo, gluten free, and zero preservatives or artificial flavors. 5 flavors!

Check them out at

10/10 totally stocking up on these guys!!