I love salsa. I could seriously eat it all day long. Funny coming from a person that HATED tomato and onions for 27 years! I know buying it already made is easy, but once you make fresh homemade salsa once you will never go back!

What you will need-
A ton of tomatoes. I like red ripened vine tomatoes for salsa..
Garlic Cloves (Per what you like.. I like a ton of garlic so I use a lot)
Fresh limes 2-3
1 medium onion
2 Jalapenos 1 for the salsa, one for decoration 
Cilantro (I just rip a bunch of leaves off probably 5-6 tbsp)
Sprinkle of sea salt

First dice tomatoes into small pieces. Sprinkle the tomato with some sea salt. Add the fresh squeezed lime juice to the tomatoes and let that sit for about 10-15 minutes.

While the lime/tomato mixture is soaking, begin to dice up the onion. I like yellow onion, or red. It really doesn’t matter what kind of onion you use.

Next chop up the garlic, and cilantro, and jalapeno. Remember jalapeno is hot! Make sure you wear gloves and wash hands after touching. If you are a brave person you could use habanero instead of jalapeno!

Add all of the ingredients together. Throw in the whole jalapeno for presentation. Serve with salads, chips, on top of fish, on top of anything really.

You could also make it fruity by adding mango, or strawberries!

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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