Vegetable of the week.


Brussel Sprouts!

Little baby cabbages= AMAZING!! What a wonderful YUMMY vegetable that gets a horrible reputation. You see when overcooked, brussels get a horrible smell! People associate the smell with being gross. Really they are wonderful! The sprouts contain a chemical believed to have potent anticancer properties. It also carries a chemical that can boost dna repair in cells! High in fiber, low in sugar, low in carbs, I wish I had tried sprouts a long time ago. You can roast them, stir-fry them, or boil. Give these guys a try! I promise you will like them. My favorite way to cook them is this way- Clean and trim brussel sprouts. Set oven to 375. Coat with sea salt, pepper and a tsp of coconut oil. Shake pan after 20 mins of roasting in the oven. Finish off until nicely browned.


Your thoughts beautiful people?

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