You drink how much water?!


You might think that the typical 8 oz 8 glasses a day (64 oz) of water is enough for you, but that number is sometimes not enough. There are a number of different factors that determine how much water you need to be getting in daily. This number depends on things like how much you weigh, how much working out you do, what kind of diet you follow, and what environment you live in. That is a lot of things right?

It is simple though. I like to tell people this. Take the weight you are. Divide that number by 2. That should be the number of oz you are getting in total for the day. It can seem like a lot. Example- 260 lbs divided by 2= 130. 130 oz of water is what they should be consuming. It should be a job trying to drink all of that water. Trust me I understand. I have dedicated myself to drinking at least 120-140 oz a day. I live in a tropical environment with a ton of humidity, I work out a lot, and most importantly without water I feel sluggish. It keeps me full, and hydrated!

64 oz is a great starting point, but I am just trying to point out you might need a little more to stay fully hydrated.

You will get used to PLAIN water. Just like in life there are always things we might not like. Drinking plain water was not my cup of tea. I sucked it up and now I am a water queen.

I always hear people complaining about how horrible water is, how they can’t drink it plain, how they need crystal light. Well I am just here to say that drinking 100 oz of crystal light is probably not the wisest idea. If you have to use that.. use it in moderation. Our bodies YEARN for plain water.

To keep track of ounces I use my trusty bobble water bottle. It comes in 3 sizes. I use the biggest one 34 oz. I know that 34 times 4 is 136. So if I drink 4 a day I have met my limit. Drinking water is on my to do list. Seriously.
The bobble is cool because it FILTERS the water for you. You can drink any tap water and it gives you yummy filtered goodness. Stop buying water bottles that pollute the earth! Stop wasting money. You can drink 300 bottles with this water bottle, before you have to buy the replacement filter (around 7-8 dollars). It is a great weight loss tool, one of my favorites!…SIN=B003LTFSAE

No matter how you drink water just drink it! It will help you.

Some other random facts-
Helps get oxygen to muscles
Helps flush out toxins
May help you feel full longer
Can help maintain muscle tone..

Oh and the best thing? WATER IS FREE. FREE PEOPLE. Start off every morning with some free water!

This has been a public service announcement from GGH.

-disclaimer- Not being sponsored by bobble, but I should be!!


Your thoughts beautiful people?

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