Binge Eating.


Binge Eating.

We have all been there. Whether the eating is planned, not planned, recognized, or not recognized it still is a problem. Here are some tips when you feel a binge coming on..

RECOGNIZE what you are doing. Stuffing your face will only make you feel better for a short while. Write it down in a journal.

If you can IDENTIFY what is causing you to eat you can control it.

Always have a plan!! If you do not have a plan the chances of you binging go WAY up. 

Get away from the fridge!! If you feel yourself reaching for the fridge or pantry, remove yourself from temptation. Call a friend. Take a walk.. No better way to NOT binge!! LEAVE IT ALONE!

Do not put yourself on a diet. This is huge. If you deprive yourself enough you will send your mind into a tailspin. I use to diet and restrict like a champion. I would get about two weeks into it, eat a french fry and give up. Live a healthy lifestyle instead. You can plan little treats in moderation, which might help you curb the binge.

Have a buddy. Tell someone. Talk to someone. There is a huge weight loss community out there. I love my peeps. If I am feeling vulnerable I contact two of my best friends. They help me through it.

Lastly do not beat yourself up. Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes we overeat. But we can’t give up. Keep Believing!

2 thoughts on “Binge Eating.

  1. Fab post!!! I suffered with binging a lot before I had wls ( I was told to stop binging for many months before surgery would be able to work for me ) but some days are still an internal battle to stop the binging. Some excellent tips here, I do all if these on a regular basis if I start to feel weak.
    And most importantly, if you do give in to a binge, don’t beat yourself up about it. Recognise what you did, try to identify what emotion made you feel you had no choice but to binge and learn from the experience

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