Stuffed Red Peppers.

These make a great easy lunch!

What you need
1 Red Pepper per Person
1/2 cup brown rice per Pepper
1 oz of goat cheese per Pepper
Diced Garlic
Sliced Mushrooms 2 small per Pepper
1 cup of Spinach per Pepper
Tsp or 2 of extra virgin olive oil
Salt + Pepper to taste

Roast Whole Pepper at 350 for 20 minutes untill soft.

Cook brown rice according to directions. Keep Warm.

For the stuffing-
Add tsp or 2 of evoo to a low heat pan (2 or 3)
Add diced garlic+ sliced mushrooms. I always use a ton of garlic– maybe like 3-4 cloves.. but you can use 1-2 or whatever you want.
Once that begins to soften add the spinach+ shrooms. It will wilt down pretty quickly. Season with salt +pepper.
Once everything is nice and soft add mixture to the brown rice.
Add goat cheese.
Stir til everything is mixed well.

Remove peppers after they are nice and soft (20-30 mins) Let cool. Slice in half. Remove seeds. Stuff mixture into peppers.

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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