13 questions with Krystle. She has lost 155 lbs!


From a size 30/4x to a size 14/Lg
1. When did you take interest in health and fitness?
Well, for the last and final time i took interest in health and fitness – march/ april 2010 after applying/auditioning for the biggest loser, season 10.

2.Tell us how much weight have you lost?
I have lost 155 lbs from my official starting date/weight of 368 but at my heaviest of 392 would make it a around -180.

3. Tell us what kind of lifestyle you live?
The lifestyle I live is by no means perfect, but it’s a healthy lifestyle. I let myself have little treats all the time, if i didn’t I would go crazy! Especially without chocolate!

4. What is your health mantra?
Believe in Yourself! When I thought no one believed in me , I chose to believe in myself. In time I saw that people did believe in me.. and that I was stronger, mentally, than I ever thought I could be!

5. What is your favorite exercise?
Fave exercise: easily used to be the elliptical but lately it has to be running. I never thought I could be a runner until the last few months… testing myself and pushing through mentally and physically.

6. Do you have a set workout routine or do you go with the flow?
I pretty much have set days i workout but in the gym i kinda go with the flow.

7. What are some must haves in your fridge?
Must haves in my fridge have to be pretty much all veggies, especially bell peppers, eggs, greek yogurt, fat free or low fat cottage cheese, turkey bacon, balsamic vinegrette and red wine vinegar… oh my list could go on forever!

8. Biggest temptation?
Temptations for me, french fries, cheesecake, and probably ice cream.

10. Favorite workout gear?
All I really need is my mp3 player and my running shoes and I am good to go!!

11. Do you have health goals? And if so what are they?
I always have goals, I try to set scale & non scale goals every month. Scale wise I’ve been shooting for 10 lbs a month, something I feel is attainable. Non-scale goals currently are to try more recipes/getting more creative, workout at least 4 days a wk. & drink lots of water!

12. Favorite healthy meal?
Favorite healthy meal, is a tough one, but I would probably have to go with spaghetti w/ squash & turkey sausage.. & added veggies to the sauce like fresh mushrooms, onion, bell pepper, zucchini… always hits the spot!

13. Why do you live a healthy lifestyle and what have you learned from it?
I live a healthy lifestyle because i dont wanna die at a young age and thats what i was doing at the age of 22 and almost 400 lbs. Also cancer runs in the female side of my family and i know being overweight does not help when it comes to cancer. I have lost my grandma, and mother to cancer and my aunt has been fighting it for going on 8 yrs now. I wanna cut my chances as much as possible.
I have learned so much from changing my old ways of eating and thinking.. like my love for cooking and how strong my body can be and is, and that you can do anything you set your mind on!

K’s Info
Twitter: doesitcomenpink
Email.. Krystlewagner11@gmail.com
Facebook.. http://www.facebook.com/misskrystle.wagner

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