Reformed Party Girl.


I am a reformed party girl for sure. I use to whoop it up at least 3-4 nights a week. Drinking like a fish, smoking nicotine like it was my job, and on top of that feeding my body the most unhealthy processed crap you can possibly imagine. I was not so kind to this amazing body of mine. When I decided to start living healthy I gave up the smoking, and the excessive drinking. With that said, I certainly enjoy having cocktails once a week in moderation. I track all of my calories, and try to be reasonable. Here are a few of my go-to beverages.

Vodka with Club soda, and a twist of lime. oh yes the classic vodka and soda. 2 oz of vodka will run you around 128 calories. I like this choice because you can sip on it slowly and it does the job!

Pinot Noir. One 5 oz glass= 122 calories. I love a good red wine! Pinot Noir is so smooth and yummy. Plus you know what they say about red wine! Resveratol found in red wine could lower “bad” cholesterol and prevent blood clots – mayo clinic.
Tip- Add 2 oz of water or some ice to that pinot noir. This will trick you into thinking you have more! 

White Wine Spritzer. Take 5 oz of white wine (I prefer pinot grigio since it only has 100 calories vs 120 found in most other white wines) Add Club Soda and a lemon or lime. Done.

Light Beer. I know light beer less flavor! But so what at least we can save calories. Miller Light is my favorite at 96 calories a serving. Beer is tricky for me because I can drink my fair share of these bad boys.

Be accountable, track your calories, and bottoms up!

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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