What is on the …

What is on the outside does not make who you are on the inside. Never give up hope.
I thought that this was it. I was destined to be overweight, unhealthy, and miserable. I was completely okay with eating my feelings, eating my heartache, and eating any real raw feelings. The change you are dying to make, but don’t know how? It all starts within. When I gave myself a chance. When I stopped calling myself fat. When I put effort into rediscovering myself, I found hope. With that found hope I changed. It is possible to change. Find it inside of yourself. Forgive yourself. Move on. Live life. Believe you can. It will never truly happen for you though if you don’t. Mentally break down doors so you can begin to find life. It works. It is worth it. It’s not easy. I am still fighting. I am fighting for myself every single day, because I am worth it. Are you worth it? You have to decide that here and now.

2 thoughts on “What is on the …

  1. What an inspiration you are Grace! Thank you for this post. I agree that we should never seek to define ourselves by what we look like; even if I have unwanted weight it is a mistake to say “I am fat” because that does not define who I am. The proper way to phrase it is always, “I have unwanted weight” because I am NOT “fat” (that is not my state of being)!

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