My Favorite Lean Proteins.

It is important to pick nice lean proteins to fuel the body with. Try to stay away from proteins that are high in fat. Here are some of my favorite choices.

Seafood is my go to protein. I love-

Shrimp. Amazing low calories, fat, and high in protein. If you can stick to a 5 oz serving, you are good to go!

Ahi Tuna- Great tasting, very versatile, HIGH in protein, omegas, low calorie, low fat. Seriously you can make any kind of dish with fresh tuna.

Blue Crab- 3 oz contains about 80 calories, 23 grams of protein, 0.5 grams of fat. Can I get a heck yeah? Watch the old bay and butter and you are good to go!

Lobster Tail- 1 Small lobster tail packs enough protein to have those muscles singing. Use fresh ingredients like garlic, and herbs to give it a great flavor. Stay away from the butter! You do not need it!

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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