Cilantro Shrimp Caesar.

If you are looking for a great shrimp recipe, make sure to check this one out. Perfection…me-shrimp.html

Here is one of my favorite salads.
Romaine 1-2 cups
Parmesan Cheese 2 tsp
Onion 2 tbsp
Parmesan Caesar yogurt dressing 2 tbsp
Cilantro Shrimp (based off the recipe I posted)

Cook shrimp according to recipe. Time to make the salad. Chop romaine, onion. Add the parm cheese, dressing, and place the shrimp on top. Yummy! I would say 5 large shrimp is about 4 oz. That is about 24 grams of protein, and shrimp is very low in calories.

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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