Pesto Tuna Salad.

I wanted something simple but delicious for lunch today. I knew I had a ton of tuna to use so I wanted to incorporate that in. Found some pesto so I knew what had to be done. Pesto tuna salad sammies! The pesto gives the tuna this wonderful taste, and adding a bit of plain chobani yogurt makes it creamy. Make sure you try this out sometime if you are sick of plain old tuna.

2 slices of bread, or 1, or a pita, or whatever kind of eating vessel you choose 🙂

Tomatoes/lettuce to add to sandwich if you want.

For the salad- (Makes 2 servings).

1 package of tuna (I am using the albacore extra virgin olive oil pack).

1 tbsp of pesto.

Sea salt, pepper, garlic to taste. You can really use any kind of flavor combination you like.

1-2 tbsp of plain chobani yogurt

1-2 tbsp of chopped onion (optional).

Mix all tuna salad ingredients together. Taste. Feel free to add anything you like. Make your sandwich and enjoy! Tons of protein, simple, and a cheap yummy meal.

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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