I am absolutely blessed to live in one of the most amazing places in the world. To me this place is a sacred heaven tropical oasis. It might not be as glamorous as some other islands in the world, but it is my home. The beautiful Florida Keys. Sure we have tourists, mini lobster season drives me insane, and there are no malls, but really I am fine with all of that. We are fortunate to live on a canal that empties right out into the bay/gulf of mexico. My latest favorite form of exercise? Swimming in my backyard. The canal is about 17 feet deep at high tide, and 15 feet at low tide. It’s super fun diving in from the tall seawall. You can see all kinds of fish, crabs, and most importantly its super relaxing.  At our old house in Cudjoe, I barely ever used the canal. It was much shallower at about 7-8 feet. Since it was shallow it was filled with jellyfish and all kinds of other stuff. So fortunate to have a nice deep swiftly moving canal to swim in. It’s a great overall body workout. Sometimes I can’t even move the next day from the muscle exhaustion. I love it. 🙂 When the water turns cooler I will get back to biking but for now? Swimming it is!!


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