The New GGH.

I am so pleased to share my new website with you guys. I wanted a place that was easy to navigate and clean. I have found a new home here in the WordPress community. So exciting! Thank you all for supporting the old GGH, and the new. I love you all. I could not be here without all of your kind words and support. Keep checking back for new recipes, new inspiration, and hopefully a ton of weight loss! 


4 thoughts on “The New GGH.

  1. Thank you so much for the welcome. What a great little community! I have no idea why it took me so long to find this joint, but I am so happy I did! Thank you also for the suport. It’s nice to have people who understand the struggle. So looking forward to following your journey. Good luck!

  2. Welcome to WordPress!!! Love the new site. Much cleaner! I’ve been slowly building my site to document my 100lb journey. I’ll let you know when I launch!

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