A little more about me.

I have been with my husband Christopher for almost 7 years now. 1 as my husband. He has loved and respected me at many different weights. 285, 250, 200. I have always been treated the same by him. My weight simply has never mattered. The only thing that does matter to him is my health and happiness. In a lot of ways he has saved me from myself. I wonder if he truly knows how much he encourages me to be a better person. He does so much for our family. He always goes along with my crazy schemes. He supports my journey in health and helping others to the moon. He makes me laugh. Hysterical laughter. He gets my jokes. He makes me coffee. As I write this post, he takes my oatmeal bowl off of the bed and into the kitchen. He is kind, generous, handsome. Did I mention smart? My husband is so smart. He teaches me new things every day. I am so blessed to have found such a wonderful amazing person to spend my days with. He introduced me to sushi, indian food, and apple computers. I introduced him to boating, crabbing, and old bay. We are a perfect fit.

As of right now it’s just C’s and I. Oh and our gang of children.

Daisy is our oldest daughter cat. She is 8 years old. It took us a while to become friends, but now we understand each other. She likes raw tuna, playing with strings, and her dad.

Oskar is our oldest son cat. He is 7. I picked him out from the SPCA in Orlando. He has a giant O on his tummy. We call Oskar our superstar cat. He loves to talk. He can say hello, carry on a conversation in meows, and make your heart melt. He sleeps with me every single night on my pillow.Pictured about 5 lbs heavier. He himself has made a lifestyle change and is much smaller!

Belvedere is our oldest son dog. He is a tri colored mix of either pitbull or boxer and beagle. He is kind, protective, and barksy. Don’t even think about stepping on to his seawall, he will mess you up! When he is not barking, Belvedere enjoys playing with his sister or loving on his mom.

Colby. What can I say about Colby. Well he is 6 years old, orange and white, and the quietest of all of our animals. He enjoys sleeping, being brushed, and his best friend Oskar. Those two are the best of friends.

SIlas is our youngest and brattiest cat. He is beautiful. Part evil. Part good. It depends on what kind of mood you catch him in. When he is good he is really good, but when he is bad—well you know. He enjoys making biscuits, meowing hysterically, and starting fights with his sister.

Lastly my little black lab dog Pippilotta. She is a true conch. We got her in Marathon Florida when she was 6 months old. Now she is 4 and sassy. She loves swimming, retrieving, swimming, retrieving, and eating. She is the true definition of a lab. 

More parts of the family? Yeah our boats.

My 17 foot angler the VilaVilaKula. I got her as wedding present from my amazing husband. This thing is great for sticking on the sandbar, or for heading out to snorkel. I just recently started becoming super involved with taking care of her. I empty her bilge, wash her, start her up, and drive her quite frequently these days. Quite exciting. The water in the Keys is super hard to read, so it’s not just like getting in any going. It takes practice.

Our 222 sailer the S/V  Therapy. We sailed this puppy all the way from Islamorada. Over a 60 mile trip. That is a blog entry in itself. She is a strong and wonderful addition to our family.

Thanks for reading about my family!

7 thoughts on “A little more about me.

  1. <33333333333333 you are so sweet and your comment about how you love your husband melts my heart! What a beautiful family you have and what a wonderful life you lead, Grace. You deserve all the happiness in the world and the paradise that you live in!

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