Thou Shall Not Judge.

I was that person. Food police. Diet police. Just call me the chief of the health police. What did I judge? Hmm. Splenda users, low-fat enthusiasts, no carb eaters, diet soda users, people who had the lapband, people who did paleo, crazy pill poppers, shake drinkers. I admit it. Take me to food jail. GUILTY. I thought my way was best. Healthy living. Everything in moderation. 80/20 rule. Working out. I tried not to make comments, I tried not to hurt people’s feelings. I think I was pretty good for the most part, but secretly judging them all along the way. I remember getting into straight up debates about Splenda. I was SOO against it. I think I lost a ton of friends for that very reason!! Seriously.

With weight loss comes new. New clothes, new body, new…mindset? Yes. A new mindset. I started feeling the mental effects of this journey. It hit me hard. Here I was sticking my nose up to all of these people. How could I ever be so shallow minded? How could I not accept these people for who they are, or who they were trying to become? I was ashamed. I realized we all have our own path. We all have our own journey. I realized that my journey has never been perfect. There was no reason to be judging anyone for the things that they do or eat. Especially when my own journey has been insane.

As I stopped being the police, I got to know so many different people. I got my lapband crew, my weight watchers crew, my low carb crew, my Paleo crew, my Splenda crew. I have gotten so many good tips from all of these people. Just like me they are on the journey! No matter how we are trying to do it. They support me and I support them.

Open yourself up. Dig a little deeper. Try to be compassionate. No snide remarks,  no bashing. Just be kind. Make good decisions for YOURSELF. Let others make their own choices.

I have officially retired from food police academy. Well–except this whole McDonald’s/Olympics thing. That is a completely different story!! I will police that all day long! 🙂

Have you ever judged someone by their diet? Made remarks? I would love to hear from you. Lets put an end to the hate! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Thou Shall Not Judge.

  1. I love you for this, G. Especially when the path I chose is controversial, and I was very Judgey about it before I finally succumbed to peer pressure. But now I’m very proud to say that the HHCG diet is working for me! 15 pounds and counting!! xo

  2. Love this! I think we can all say we have judged someone in this way, whether we want to admit it or not. There are unhealthy ways to diet/eat so sometimes I think we say it in order to help others and show them they should be doing it a healthier way, but we should never judge them or look down on them for their decisions. We all need to learn things in our own way and sometimes we have to make bad decisions before we realize how to make the right ones. The only thing we can do is make the best decisions for ourselves and live by example. We must love everyone and accept them for who they are because being negative towards another won’t change or help them, it only creates tension.

  3. I constantly look at people that are consuming food the way I used to and think of all the things I’ve learned… just with diabetes alone. It makes me cringe to see my little sister drink a cookies and cream coolata from Dunkin Donuts… and think it’s coffee. Coffee? Eh. I don’t think I’ve been judging of those who are trying to be healthy.. I think if you are making an effort.. more power to you!!!

    I’m proud of you for posting about it!!! 🙂

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