Don’t you know you are a superstar.

Lunch- Unplanned sushi. 6 spicy tuna rolls. One ahi tuna nigiri piece. 1/2 of a avocado tuna roll. It was delicious and just enough. Oh and some seaweed tuna rolls.

Dinner- Creamy hogfish with asparagus. I lightened up the cream sauce by using–

1/4 cup of light alfredo, chobani plain greek yogurt, parm cheese.

I baked the fish with tomato slices, the creamy sauce, and a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese on top. The best part? LEFTOVERS! I served it with asparagus on the side. Total fat for this dish? 8!

*Side note. Hogfish is a super light flaky reef fish found here in the Florida Keys.

I also had a few glasses of cabernet sav, and took a 60 minute walk with my husband. Not in that order. Here are some pics from the way–

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Sweet Dreams!

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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