Quick grocery haul

Quick grocery haul. Shopping today was kind of fun. Met a new friend in the produce aisle, got asked out in the spice aisle, met a gentle elderly fellow in dairy, and got assistance with my cart when it got stuck. Not bad! My main haul will be up this weekend. This is just a small one.

4 cases of organic girl. Buy one get one free!
Gf flour
Roma tomatoes
Almond milk
Chili powder and ginger
2 white peaches
Red grapes
Gardein veggie burgers
Murray chicken
A pyrex 8×8
Cab sav wine
Organic sweet peppers
Mason jars!





3 responses to “Quick grocery haul

  1. oooh, I hope the Mason jars are for the special recipe I want to see…

  2. Ditto, can’t wait for the mason jars:)

  3. i love the organic girl veggies!! and a big fan of almond milk!!^^

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