Tuesday Tuesday.

Some thoughts*

1. People can be so mean! I had a lady tell me my dinner looked disgusting. She actually typed out how disgusting it looked. Oh on top of that? She wrote shudder. She was actually shuddering over MY dinner. Whatever. I brushed it off and moved on. The next day she dissed me again. Some comment about how my soup looked like it had chopped ears inside of it. I could do one of two things. Sit back and let that bitch diss me, or give her the boot. She got the boot. Didn’t her mama ever teach her that one saying we all know? You know.. KEEP THAT SHIT TO YOURSELF IF IT’S NOT CONSTRUCTIVE?!?! 😉

2. I love living in the Florida Keys, but I often dream of living in Maine. Not the populated beaches area. More like the Midcoast, or Downeast & Acadia. I just picture myself inhaling the crisp air, watching the fall leaves dance, drinking a nice cold craft beer on my porch overlooking the lake, drinking hot apple cider at night, picking blueberries by the pint, and the lobster rolls. Oh the lobster rolls. Oh and the rocky cliffs, lighthouses, and state parks all seem pretty to die for also. Did I mention home of LL Bean?! Did I?! LL BEAN! 

3. About the Florida Keys. It’s been my home for four years. It is truly a magical place. It has it’s moments though. One. Tourists. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind sharing. What I do mind is the littering, the traffic, the littering, drunk idiots roaming every single inch of our paradise. Two. INFLATION. Everything here from the rent, to gas, to food, to band aids? Double. You will pay double. Now you couple that everything is so expensive + tourists screaming + traffic + litter.. it can be overwhelming. Oh and let’s not forget the Bubba attitude. The Bubba attitude exists everywhere. If you want something done, you better just do it yourself. People are forever fucking up down here. It’s the Keys man. Relax! I live in “paradise”, but I also work in paradise. I take things seriously. Not everyday is a vacation! In saying all of that, the good outweighs the bad. I have had the four happiest years of my entire life here. The beauty of the islands replaces all of the negatives for sure.

4. I grew up loathing vegetables. The worst? Tomatoes, and onions. I HATED them. I never ate anything green. No salads, green beans, zucchini, broccoli. Zero. I had that all or nothing attitude. I never wanted to try anything new. That is why I got so fat. I liked things like cheeseburgers, corn chips, ice cream, french fries, pizza. Once I decided to open my mind up I discovered something. I didn’t hate vegetables. I THOUGHT I hated them. I started slowing trying new things. Surprise surprise. I loved them! From there, I started introducing so many things into my diet. It helped me get healthy! I love my veggies now. Give those veggies/foods you think you hate another try. If you still hate them, that is fine. Try something new though! Don’t eat the same things. Life is supposed to be an adventure right?!

5. My sister is incredible. She is truly a brilliant person. Her vocabulary and writing skills are superb. She is a writer and a professor at York College. I admire her! She is smart, beautiful, funny, and I miss her face!

6. I would really like to visit Australia one day. It has been a dream of mine for a really long time.

7.  I don’t like new songs. Seriously. I hate every single new song I hear. I won’t listen to the radio for this very reason. I need to hear a song at least 3-4 times before I like it.

8. I love instagram. It makes even the silliest thing artsy and fun. Whoever created it—GENIUS.

9. Materialistic things don’t do it for me. I like sunsets, the way my black lab looks at me when she did something wrong, shell collecting, and gazing at the green sea.

10. I love the movie little heroes. IMDB that shit! It’s about a poor girl and her dog. 

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tuesday.

  1. My aunt once asked my mother why all of the food I made and posted on Facebook looked so disgusting. I was pretty pissed at first, then I remembered that she is obese and has diabetes, and I do not. Obviously only one of us is eating foods that are disgusting….

    1. That is just sad– whatever happened to SUPPORTIVE family/friends/people?! Ugh..
      Further more–
      It was creamy white reef fish (healthier sauce of course) and asparagus. How the hell does that constitute a shudder/disgusting!?!! lol.

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  2. OK. So in my busy busy last month… I missed those comments… that b!tch better be glad… I would have opened up a can of disgusting looking whoop-ass on her! WTH!?! I bet she was one of these kind who can only cook a bologna sandwich! Uh… I am just mad! Damn her! Hell, you even make bananas look good! 🙂 Luv ya Grace… You keep doing you!

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