Sweating Until Happy. Meet Alan. A man on a mission.

Meet my friend Alan. http://www.facebook.com/SweatingUntilHappy

He is changing his life. One decision, one workout, one meal at a time. He has lost his first 100 pounds, and working hard to reach the rest of his goals. This is probably one of the most sincere, enthusiastic, sweetest, and supportive people out there in our weight loss community. He got so inspired by his changes that he even created his own healthy living blog. Thank you Alan for inspiring me!

1.   Current weight? 383 lbs

2.     Goal weight? I don’t have a goal weight, If I had to guess I would say between 220-250 lbs. I am more interested in being pleased with what I see in the mirror, one day I will look in the mirror and know that I have reached goal regardless of the number on the scale.

3.     Highest weight? Highest recorded weight was 480 lbs, but I know at one point I weighed more than that.

4.     What is in your fridge right now? Almond milk, eggs, peanut butter, almond butter, grilled chicken, quinoa, lots of hot sauce, mustard, sriracha, pineapple, cottage cheese, plain greek yogurt, lots of different types of veggies, hummus, feta cheese, and of course avocados!

5.     What is your favorite healthy meal? I like to keep my meals simple! I often eat baked tilapia with steamed veggies and a avocado salad on the side. 

6.     Favorite workout? I LOVE weight lifting, my favorite days are chest, back, and arms. 

7.     Tell us about your blog. Well I started my blog with no intention of anyone ever reading it, I just wanted somewhere I could get my thoughts out and save them so I could look back in the future and see how far I have come. I love blogging, I love sharing my struggles and successes. http://www.sweatinguntilhappy.com/

8.     Where do you find your inspiration from? Hard question! I find it in a lot of places. I find it in my online fitness communities on twitter, Facebook, and instagram. I find it in my nieces and nephews, my siblings, my Mother and Father. I find it in my Coach Amer, and most importantly I find it within myself. I feel like we all have the power to make the changes in our life that we need to make. The difference is some of us are ready today, and some will be ready tomorrow. Only you can decided when its your time.

9.     Favorite workout song? Hearts on Fire – Rocky IV Soundtrack or Club Cant Even Handle Me – Flo Rida

10. Cardio or Strength? I think both are important and I incorporate them both. My workouts generally consist of 60-90 minutes of weight training followed by 20-40 minutes of cardio.

11.  Do you have cheat meals or treats? I don’t believe in “cheat meals” but I do believe in living life. Somedays you are going to indulge and thats ok. The important thing is that you don’t let one indulgent meal turn into a few days, weeks, months etc.

12.  What has been the biggest obstacle along your weight loss journey? Honestly I have been my own biggest obstacle. Its taken me almost 3 years to lost 100 lbs. Some people lose that in less than a year. It took me a lot longer because I got in my own way and at times I sabotaged myself. I can’t compare my journey to anyone else’s, everyone has their own battles and struggles. If I could go back 3 years I wouldn’t do anything differently, I have learned a lot about myself in that time and for that I am thankful.

13.  Can you give us your three biggest health tips? 1. Drink WATER WATER WATER AND LOTS OF WATER. 2. Don’t drastically change your lifestyle too quickly, make small changes and ease yourself into it. From my experience if you make drastic changes very quickly you will crash and burn very quickly. 3. Always be honest with yourself. If you have a bad day and eat a bunch of junk thats ok, just be honest to yourself about it. Don’t expect results for the work you didn’t put in.

14. What kind of weight loss regime are you following? Eating a balanced diet paired with working out 4 – 5 times a week.

15.  Favorite motivational quote or mantra? When you’re tired, keep going. When it burns, keep pushing. When you quit, try again.

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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