Mega Crabasaurus.

We had a fantastic weekend. I managed to catch a Caribbean King Crab in our backyard. I know crazy right? It’s the biggest crab in the Caribbean. We first noticed them while snorkeling last week. These big ass crabs can’t swim at all, but they can rock climb. They can rock climb REALLY well. So they live in the crevices and coral rocks along the seawall in our canal. It seemed easy right?

Just go and get a net, tickle them out, and become a hero. Not so much. First of all these guys are HUGE. They can have a 2-3 foot reach with their massive claws. It’s a little bit overwhelming wrestling with these crabs. The females I have come to learn are much smaller. They have super small claws, and super small bodies. Not even worth messing with. Anyways, I caught a few small ones before I got my prize. He was stuck in a shallow hole, and after a few tries I managed to scoop him up. Bastard actually broke some netting in my net. I could not even believe I finally caught one. We thanked him for his life before setting him off into steaming pot land. Let me tell you what. It was the sweetest, freshest crab I have ever had in my entire life. He was so big it took two of us to open his shell. His claws? LIKE STONES. SO hard to break open, but once we did the reward was sweet. My husband and I also celebrated our seven year anniversary yesterday. Between catching him a 3 lb crab, and the snorkeling for hours it was a pretty magical day.

Now here it is Monday. Vacation is in four days. We are thinking of checking out Marco Island, and the Everglades. I am trying not to get vacation brain, but it is super challenging.

The plan today is to get some work done and eat yummy food. I had a banana split smoothie for breakfast. Not sure what eats are for the rest of the day. I know I have a can of coconut milk, some organic chicken, and some nice red thai chili paste. 😉 I will check back in with you guys later.

Did you have a nice weekend? Let me know the best thing you did!

Got our crab trap into the canal also. Hope we catch something!

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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