Lady in red. Literally.

First of all I want to apologize in advance for all of the Asian dishes. I really have a problem. Second of all I snorkeled for 4 hours today. I am sunburned, exhausted,  have a small welt on my arm, and pretty sure I got a small little bite from a baby barracuda. Okay maybe not but something stung the shit out of me! Caught 3 crabs which picked down to over 1/2 of a pound of sweet crab meat. YUM!

Breakfast- Berry loving. 100 calorie double fiber english muffin with 1 egg/egg whites sammy.

Lunch. Miso ramen noodles. I added mushrooms and crab. The sodium on this bad boy was 500, so not *that* bad. Like I said I have asian addiction problems.

Dinner 3 oz of steamed shrimp and squash “pizzas”. I just broiled/baked some slices with a bit of cheese on top. Added half a grape tomato for color. SOOO GOOD! 

According to my fitness pal, I burned 2,156 calories while snorkeling. That my friends is the business!

Are you currently obsessed with any particular cuisine? Please share!

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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