First day of vacation

Started with this-


Went to Marathon for lunch.
Ended up at Castaways. A sushi place with a bit of everything. They served these but I resisted-


Simply could not resist this flight of beers. We shared 🙂 Milk stout, Harp, Shocktop, Holy makeral panic, and Optimater. So fun.


Baby 7 oz shocktop.

Lunch was-




I had only a few bites of miso. We split a latin roll (tuna, cilantro, hot sauce) and a two year roll (shrimp, masago, other stuff ha). We also split a sushi boat for one. I stuck mostly to the sashimi. White tuna is to die for!

We walked around a marina.


After that we had a beer at our beloved burdines.


We also fit in some grocery shopping. Also, I scored some sunglasses, and some cute tank tops!

Came home, jumped into the canal, and I floated on my raft.

As for now we are hanging out. Playing gauntlet on xbox 360 enjoying you guessed it–


Dinner? I am making a vegetarian pizza. Fun Friday 🙂 Hope you are well!

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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