20120820-204026.jpgStrike Zone Charters to find us a new snorkel mask.

20120820-204053.jpg Sailboat in Marathon.

20120820-204041.jpgUh hey did someone lose this?!

20120820-204106.jpgNot mine 😉

20120820-204120.jpgGulf side.

20120820-204140.jpgPapa Pips.

20120820-204152.jpgClam Strip Po Boy.

20120820-204202.jpgAt Porky’s.

20120820-204211.jpgMy new mask.


20120820-204222.jpgNeed some lip balm, and maybe less of a crazy face?

20120820-204240.jpgNo more sucky plastic straps!


We went snorkeling for two hours. Good times. Great Monday!

One thought on “Monday.

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