Tanisha Mitchell Guest Blog. What motivates me.

Tanisha is a superstar. You know her from Too fat for Fifteen. The girl who immediately stole the show from the start. She has inspired lots and lots of people! I got to interview Tanisha a while back, and she was nice enough to write us a blog. She is amazing! Thank you girl!

What Motivates Me 

Staying motivated in any endeavor is hard, but it is especially challenging when involving such a life changing challenge as weight-loss. For me there are  three main things that help me stay motivated.
Determination. Because it is what fuels motivation. It is what pushes us to want to do something and make a change. Without determination, it’s like you’re stuck in quick sand, not able to move anywhere.
Faith. I believe that this is the hardest of the three to maintain, because it is unbelievably difficult to strive for something so far in the distance and that you can’t necessarily see ever happening to yourself. I, for one did not believe that I would achieve even half of the things that I have since i began my journey. But it is vital to believe in yourself and everything that you do. 
Hard work. This one is pretty self explanatory. Anything worth having, is worth working hard to obtain. It is so important for people to understand that every pound loss is hard earned and every pound gained is not a failure, but a temporary delay. A gain does not take away from any of the hard work that you have all ready put in.
A long with these things, there is a saying that truly explains how I stay motivated on my journey:
“The Journey Of A Thousand Miles, Begins With One Step.”
I live each day as it comes to me. Sometimes, I take 3 steps forward and 2 backward. Others, just steps backward, but always my journey continues. And I whether through because I know that eventually I will complete the journey and be a better, stronger person because of it.

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