The sea gets her revenge.


Snorkled here for 3.5 hours. Saw so many things. Including my first queen conch.Image



The shell bounty. This thing weighed so much!

After my epic snorkeling trip on Tuesday, I woke up covered in sea lice rashes/ welts. Let me just tell you it’s horrible. I am covered in raised red welts! Everything itches, burns, and stings. When my body has allergic reactions, my hands get it it the worse. I get these raised blisters under them and they itch like crazy. So if you are wondering why I have not posted, this is the reason. OH and we have a category 1 hurricane pointed at us. Good times! I am taking low doses of prednisone to help get the swelling down. I Hope you all are doing well. Hopefully I will be back in full swing soon.

One thought on “The sea gets her revenge.

  1. I’m allergic to the sun…LOL. I never know when it’s gonna hit, but I get the same reaction it seems as you’re talking about. Raised, red, itchy rash sometimes accompanied with fever. The bad part is that i don’t even have to get in the water, but if I don’t get out of the sun asap, it just spreads until I am completely miserable. There is a cream that helps, but is only sold in Europe that I can find so have to order it online. : (

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