Friday Flyday.

Today has been great! We ended up getting most of our work done to prepare for this hurricane/tropical storm on the way. Storm shutters mostly put up, and everything moved into the carport. What a relief. The only thing left to do is tie up the boats a bit better, and wait for the storm.

This morning we had a nice breakfast. I made mini smoothies.

Made two –

  • 1 cup frozen strawberries (left the green tops on)
  • 1 small frozen banana
  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 1 heaping tbsp of ground flax

Also, I scrambled up some organic eggs and added 1/2 a slice of pepperjack cheese and tomatoes.

We decided to go to Key West to check out the new Publix store. We ended up doing a few other errands. I got some cute sandals for 2 bucks, and we found a few video games to keep us entertained in the storm. We ended up walking around 3 miles. I will take it! 

For lunch I had summer spring rolls. They had avocado, carrots, greens, cucumbers, shrimp, and krab.

We came home and I decided to have a pumpkin beer! I have been pretty sober all week due to being on steroids. Speaking of my ocean drama (jellyfish larvae rash and welts) I am doing much better. Taking prednisone basically helped save me. 

Yesterday I ended up catching this 10 inch grunt. He made excellent curry. It inspired me to get my crab trap all set up with some squid. Hoping when I pull my trap in the morning, that it yields goodies!

Dinner is flank steak pinwheels. Rolled up with spinach, and provolone. Yum. Serving this with some mini potato and broccoli. Luxurious dinner indeed.

Wish us luck with the storm. I will keep you all updated!

Also, cute puppy pics!7 year old Mr. Belvedere

4 year old Pippilotta.

Any weekend plans?! Please share!

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