Deadliest Catch. Florida Keys style.

Went out to breakfast this morning with the hubz. I had 2 overeasy eggs, a slice of bacon, and some of a pancake. It was marvelous.

Decided to go to Cudjoe Sales to pick up some new crab traps. Yay. We now have 5 in the water.

Came home and set those up. Worked out. How are you guys doing on Day 3 of the challenge? I am sore!!!

Decided to bonus cardio and jumped into the canal to snorkel. I started seeing caribbean crabs, so I grabbed my net. Ended up with a smallish but keepable male crabby.

After that I decided I was going back into the water. It was a good thing that I did. I ended up finding and successfully catching the largest crab of my crabby career.He weighed over 1.5 lbs. I made my husband hold him so I could take these epic pictures. I am so proud of this. It was a battle, but I fought, and WON! 😀

Merry Crab Day everyone 😉


6 thoughts on “Deadliest Catch. Florida Keys style.

  1. Whooo hoo! That is absolutely amazing! I am a little bit jealous. I wish we could just jump in the water and grab some crabs. haha But Maine is pretty strict on their sea life. Especially with lobster. You have to join a gang. Seriously.

    1. Oh my goodness really?! I love MAINE. It’s my backup home for if the Keys get all crazy. I don’t want to have to join a gang to get lobsta! 😦 No recreational lobstering?

      1. Maine is absolutely incredible. I am seriously in love with this state! It has everything. Ocean. Mountains. Fields. Less chance of really getting hammered by a hurricane and we don’t really get tornadoes. And the weather is perfect except in the middle of winter. Then it is a little cold. haha But yup, lobstering is heavily watched, and basically you have to be born into a family that has been lobstering for ages. The lobster gangs even have their own sort of laws that they pass on to the government! It’s pretty crazy. haha

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