Weekend love.

It’s been a wonderful wonderful weekend 🙂20120903-114054.jpg








4 thoughts on “Weekend love.

  1. Looks like an awesome weekend! LOVE the pictures. =D Are my sushi senses going off? I cannot wait for Friday! That’s my sushi/birthday treat! And I am sooo excited! and I am wicked jealous that you live so near the ocean. haha

  2. I was a sushi virgin up until 08? Is that not the saddest thing ever?! Actually I never tried anything new. I ate like cheeseburgers and fries. Oh and doritos. I love trying new things now! I make it a point in life to! Like that Banh Ming sammy up there ^^^ omg to die for. Not only have I become a healthier person, but I have become a foodie!! Sometimes those things do not work well together. Duh ha! YAY birthday! Exciting. Please eat lots of sushi for me. What is your favorite? I am a sucker for anything salmon!! I think you need to drive to the nearest coast and eat sushi by the sea! Where are you at in Maine again? 🙂

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