5 tips in the kitchen.

1. Get yourself a good set of knives. Honestly. Those random knives you collected over the years are not gonna cut it. Suck up the cost buttercup. If you want to be healthy you are gonna have to chop a lot. If you are chopping a lot, you want good knives! See how this work? I use these Komachi Knives. I have had them for 2 years. They are in perfect shape. Colorful, sharp, and I love them. Do some research and get some  knives! Here are my Komachi knives. They are 43% off right now. Figures I would miss the sale!


2. Herbs! Do yourself a favor and start keeping fresh herbs on hand. Dill, cilantro, mint, basil, thyme, and  lemon grass.. Some people complain that they go bad quickly. Some herbs you can cut the tips off, place them in water, and they can stay good for 7-10 days. Fresh herbs can add so much to your meals. Since healthy cooking is less fat (butters and oils) you need to find flavor somewhere. It’s in herbs! My must have herbs on hand? CILANTRO! 

3. Keep these things stocked as well. Garlic, Tomatoes, Onions, and Spinach. It’s like unholy to not have these things! All of the items I listed are amazing nutritional powerhouses, taste good, and enhance dishes. If I don’t have them in my kitchen, I feel sad of myself! Ha!

4. I think I learned this tip from Rachel Ray. You must have a trash bin close to you when chopping. Keep your area nice and clean and tidy. You could even save the scraps for veggie stock further down the road. I use this old snorkel mask box.

5. Okay. So you got into the kitchen. You chopped with beautiful knives. You used beautiful fresh herbs. Keep up the hard work. KEEP CLEANING. Wipe down counters. Rinse knives. Rinse saucepans and dishes. Do not let pans you have cooked in sit without attending to them. A dirty kitchen is the last thing I want to deal with after eating a delicious healthy meal. Keep on top of it!

I hope these simple tips help! Do you have kitchen tips to share with us?!


Your thoughts beautiful people?

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