Catching up.

Here are my eats from yesterday.1 organic egg over oatmeal bread. 1/2 a tangelo.

Turkey burger topped with grilled bok choy, roasted red peppers, and shrooms.Southwestern chicken. Organic chicken coated with panko and mexican cheese baked and topped with homemade taco seasoned green peppers and shrooms. Topped with Chobani plain greek yogurt for the sour cream and cilantro.

I did day 8 of the shred, and also ended up snorkeling for four hours.

I saw a newborn baby lobster, another baby octopus, a school of 15 inch mangrove snappers (22 of them) and managed to catch 4 more Caribbean King crabs. One of them was over 1.25 pounds! 

What do I do with all that crab? Easy. I pick it and freeze it to have later in the season! Last year I caught over 12 lbs of crab that I got to enjoy all year long! 🙂

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