Sorry to have kept you waiting :)

It’s been a bit crazy around here lately. Sorry for not blogging friends. No worries! I am back on it!

Still doing the 30 day shred. On day 13. My body is so sore right now. I have started seeing a lot of arm definition, and nice shoulder lines as well! I will keep on keeping on. When this challenge is over, I plan on getting back into long distance biking.

Here are some random pictures from the last few days. Hope you guys are all well!



20120910-113717.jpgA sink of green coconuts. Free? I think yes.20120910-113926.jpgBroke my record and caught 4 huge crabs in 1 day. It broke down to over 1 lb of pure flaky white meat. Into the freezer it goes. Free? Yes..;)

20120910-113949.jpgI love my backyard.

20120910-114011.jpgI can’t take credit for this seafood soup but it was marvelous. Shrimp, clams, lobster with a homemade stock. Yum!

20120910-114024.jpgBurdines Waterfront Chiki Bar and Grille. My most favorite place on earth.

20120910-114039.jpgThe Marina. Look at the sparkly water. I love that!

20120910-114111.jpgLeaving our house for another epic adventure. The canal looks so different during the day.

20120910-114124.jpgSee the contour lines?

20120910-114218.jpgChristopher spotted this empty baby sized conch shell. SCORE!


20120910-114138.jpgSeagull atop a bubba stick in the backcountry.


20120910-114233.jpgMust have a shocktop!

20120910-114242.jpgLove the bleus!


2 thoughts on “Sorry to have kept you waiting :)

  1. Congrats on keeping up with the 30 Day Shred! That is awesome! =D I think the longest streak I have done is 7 days. lol Oooops… and wow, nothing better than super fresh coconut!

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