Eating In Challenge with Grace Got Healthy.

I started thinking about how much my lifestyle has changed since I began living in the Florida Keys. Literally we live in the middle of the ocean. That means very limited shopping, restaurants, etc. That is right. No Chipotle, Red Lobster, Olive garden, Carrabas, Panda Express, Hardees, Panera, just to name a few. What we do have? Overpriced expensive restaurants, and a few fast food chains sprinkled up and down the highway. I think there are three Mcdonalds in the entire Lower Keys. Starbucks? Like two of those I think. It has been a really big blessing for me considering my heart belongs to a french fry. If I want said french fry it literally is a 60 mile back (round trip). Do you know how AMAZING that is for a food addict? There is no way in hell I am going to drive 60 miles for fast food!

I started to think about my mainland friends. There must be a place to grab food every single place you turn…. I can’t imagine those temptations lurking at every single corner. Props to you guys! Now I know most of you eat healthy, but do you still stop and spend five dollars at Starbucks every morning? Do the math. Five dollars time 6 days a week- $30.00. Now times that for the entire month and you have spent over $100 dollars on coffee. Add a few dinners out to Ruby Tuesday (the online nutritional menu makes me shudder) and you are tacking on a few extra hundred bucks. What about all those quick trips for the kids? Twenty bucks here and there. Oh you forgot lunch? Let me get a salad that costs 6 dollars from subway. The point it….it adds up! As I grow older I try to be more and more responsible of every single cost in my life. Food is something that we can save a ton of money on if we only try harder!

Here is my plan. Let’s do a two-week eating in challenge. Yes this means no STARBUCKS, no meals outside of what you prepare in your home, and no drinking at the bar. Make coffee at home, make all meals at home, and for god sakes— just buy a bottle of wine or liquor and keep it in the fridge. Bars make SO much money on drinks. REDIC!

The challenge starts this Sunday September 17th. It will go until the first of October. How to stay accountable? Simple.

For those of you on Facebook or twitter Create a “Two week eating in challenge with Grace Got Healthy” photo album. Upload and post meals that you make from home, coffees, drinks whatever. Also, post your homemade meals onto my facebook gracegothealthy wall. That way everyone can see them! Do I expect you to take a picture of every single meal? YES. but do the best that you can. Whoever I feel does the best job of eating prepared meals from home will win a wonderful prize. 

^ facebook.

@gracegothealthy is my twitter.

For those of you not on facebook… Email me pictures of breakfast, lunch, dinners, homemade coffee– anything you want at

Will you be tempted to stop at fast food after work? Absolutely. Don’t! Just make sure you plan ahead for yourself so you don’t have to make bad decisions.

Get to the grocery store before this weekend so you can get ready for week 1.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Think of all the money you will save! Think of the calories you will save. THINK OF THE CHILDREN WHO ARE MISSING LEGS (Sorry–huge housewives fan over here).  If no one else gets my housewives quote well I will just feel bad.
Get food planning and I will see you all soon.
Who is in?! Leave a comment!

9 thoughts on “Eating In Challenge with Grace Got Healthy.

    1. Yay. It will be a fun time! It will take a little bit more effort, but whoever said doing something GREAT for yourself and the wallet is easy?!! I see lots of crock pot meals in my future! Welcome to the challenge. Can;t wait to see your accountability photo album 🙂

  1. I will try, my biggest challenge is that I am in class on Tuesday’s from 900, then math lab and then a noon history class, I don’t leave because I wouldn’t be able to find a parking spot and I think it is ridiculous, so that is my only struggle day. I have found it is more difficulty to go out and eat, it takes too long,even with everything right here.

  2. Grace! I totally want/need to do this! I have three birthday/Happy Hours to go to in those two weeks and that will be VERY challenging to get past! I have been researching new ways I can plan, cook, freeze, and prepare meals for a fast paced lifestyle. You are right, think about the money and calories you can save! I am going to try my best! If not, aspire to do this every week! LOVE your RHONY quote, made me giggle and love you! Keep up the great work!

    1. Megan!! YAY! So excited to have you!! Just do the best you can with the birthdays and happy hours. You could totally be a bad girl and sneak a flask in?! How silly would that be…drinking in the bathroom!!! BUT GUYS I CAN’T BUY A MARTINI I AM DOING A CHALLENGE 😉
      Ha! Good luck! Think simple meals with tons of nutritional value 🙂 Glad you love the housewives quote– cracks me up every single time!! ❤ XOXOXO

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