Blast from the past.

I started my health journey in October of 2009. I did a lot of fitness posting on my regular facebook page to help document my journey. I soon figured out that not all my friends WERE  into hearing about healthy smoothies and 30 mile bike rides. I was inspired to create

I started posting food accountability pictures, fitness info, tips, inspiration, and I started meeting so many people on the same journey. I was encouraged to start my own blog by lots of my supporters. Thank you to all my loyal readers. I thought it would be funny to pull out some old photography from when I first started out.

I hope I have gotten a bit better since that time! Enjoy!

Ps- If you really are thinking about starting a blog, I have some advice! Start a facebook page first. Build a following. How? Be yourself!!! People will either like you or not. Trust me I have a ton of people not on my team. It’s okay! Just keep doing you. Find your niche and stay active with your people! Post regular. Post pictures. If you find yourself really liking it, start a blog!

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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