This and that.

We all have those off weeks. Those weeks that seem totally impossible. You just feel like NOT doing it. I have had so many of those weeks. They turn into months. That can turn into years. Don’t go down the same ugly road I once walked. When it feels like you CAN’T get through another day, think about why you CAN. You can find thirty minutes to work out. You know how good it feels after! You can eat healthy nutritious food without hitting Mcdonalds for some greasy fries. You can relax and meditate, BUT AFTER you put in 100% effort. Turning your back on your healthy lifestyle even for a few days can be detrimental. Stop yourself before this happens. We can never be perfect, but honestly just make the effort. Your husband or boyfriend or wife or girlfriend can’t make you eat right, your parents? They can’t help you either. It has to be YOU. Begin with you. Be with you. End with you. The best you every single day. You are worth it! You deserve it. KEEP FIGHTING!!!!

My week so far-

Fitness–Monday- Shred + Bike* Tuesday- Shred + Hiking + walk* Wednesday- Shred, Walk, and Bike * Thursday- Shred, Walk, 90 minutes swimming *Friday- Shred, Walk, and Bike.

This is the most active I have been in MONTHS and it feels great! My plan for this weekend is to get a full day of activity in Saturday, and do some light cardio/rest on Sunday.

Eats–All spot on and made from ingredients I have at home. Here are a few + a few puppy and scenery shots.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay on track this weekend! What is ONE thing you are willing to do to take care of yourself before the new week starts? Share your thoughts!

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