My favorite breakfast choices.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Growing up I never ate breakfast. Maybe that is why I could never concentrate in class! The body needs fuel to get going. You must eat breakfast. No excuses. If you are following a healthy lifestyle or on a diet, you can’t skip breakfast. How can your body begin to work properly, or burn fat when it is at a stand still? Breakfast= breaking the fast quite literally. Here are a few of my favorite easy breakfasts.

Smoothies. Versatile, yummy, and quick you really can never go wrong with a smoothie. What is important to remember is add a bit of everything. You should add protein, carbs, and healthy fats. For protein I love using Flawless science whey protein power, or Chobani yogurt. For carbs I  like frozen mango or banana. Of course you can also add any kind of berries which adds a ton of vitamins and fiber. For the fat I like to add ground flax, coconut oil, 1 tbsp of nut butter or chia seeds. Tips- Buy fruit on sale. Bring it home. Chop it up and freeze it for fast smoothie action. Add spinach! 1 cup of spinach gives you great nutrition, and NO you can’t taste it. Switch it up. Try all different kinds of combinations so you never get bored.


Eggs. Okay. It doesn’t matter if you use eggs, eggwhites, or a combination of the both. Eggs are a wonderful breakfast choice. Omelets filled with fresh veggies, scrambled eggs, over easy eggs, poached eggs. Egg bakes, frittata’s oh my! YUM! Tip- I love adding plain greek Chobani yogurt to my eggs. Makes the eggs have extra protein and makes them super fluffy. Try it!

Scrambled with pepperjack and tomato.Shrimp pesto eggbake with salsa.

Oats. Messy oats (just throw 1/2 a cup of dried roll oats with some greek yogurt and mix together), Warm oats with protein powder, Oatmeal cookies. YUM! Full of dietary fiber and good carbs.  A good bowl of oatmeal will keep you full for hours. A great combination? Apples and cinnamon. A tip- Those little oatmeal packets are simple to make yes, but also full of sugar. Just buy the plain oats and make it yourself. You can add whatever fresh toppings you like.

Chocolate protein oats with chocolate nibs.

Strawberry sunrise oats. Strawberry protein powder, pureed organic strawberries in warm cooked oats.

Messy oats. YUM!

What is your favorite breakfast?

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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