Salad Fever.

People always associate DIETS with SALADS. Like a bowl of iceberg, some carrots, a tomato slice, a radish, and a drop of some fat free horrible salad dressing. Since I am not on a diet I can load my salads up with tons of healthy options. I never get tired of salads! Here are some ideas. Click through to my salad gallery–

Blackened Shrimp salad.

Grilled chicken, tomato, bell pepper, eggs, onions over arugula with Drew’s goddess dressing.

Switch it up with red bell peppers, romaine and spinach, taco seasoned grilled chicken.

Taco salad with lean turkey, guacamole, light cheese, peppers, tomato, and a mix of greens.

Turkey tenderloin taco salad.

Vegetarian burger over greens. Color is good.

Healthier tuna salad stuck in a wedge of iceberg.

Salmon over greens with red onions, sprinkle of cheese, red peppers. Goddess dressing.

Greek salad. Mixed field greens, feta, olives, tomatoes, hummus, olive oil for dressing.

Side salad.

More taco salad with fresh Florida avocado.

Blackened Mahi Mahi over greens with veg.

Club salad.

Turkey bacon club salad.

Meatless BBQ Wyngs salad. (smart life meat free) with blue cheese.

Homemade goat cheese hummus over greens.

Faux beef over greens with homemade salsa.

Vegetarian taco salad. Veggie based beef, veggies based cheese, avocado, plain greek yogurt, and homemade salsa.

Rainbow scallop salad.

All vegetarian club salad.

5 thoughts on “Salad Fever.

  1. What a great collection! These all look so inspiring. I might try the first one today for lunch 🙂

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