Tubular Tuesday.

Hi friends. These past few days I have been keeping myself busy. After wrapping up my two week eating in challenge + finishing the 30 day shred, I needed a new adventure! I decided to see if I could find some blue crabs to catch. I am from Maryland, so blue crabbing is in my blood. A few years ago we happened to find some down here in the Florida Keys. I was a very happy girl to say the least. Usually the season starts in November. I was determined to find some early this year. We went crabbing Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Saturday was a slow start. We caught 4. The next day we caught 7! Monday  we caught 9! We don’t eat the crab right away. What I do is cook the crab, pick the crab, and freeze it. So far we have gotten two pounds of fresh crab. So exciting! I love being a “freegan”. Free protein + a great workout is a good time.

View from our crab hole.

Sunset at the crab hole.


First catch of the 2012/2013 season!

I love crabbies!

Live blue crab party!

OCD crab picking. I have to separate everything. 🙂

First batch of Vegetable Crab Soup.

Eats from the past few days.

Have you guys played with the panorama feature on the iphone? So cool.

I love this shot from my backyard. The moon, boat davit, and sailboat mast are cool.

Took this picture from the top of the Niles Channel bridge. Not bad for 45 mph on top of a bridge in a car!

Hope you all fabulous.



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