My top 5 favorite GGH recipes.

1. Italian Chicken Stuffed Squash. The flavors of this dish I truly adore. You can’t go wrong with tomatoes and oregano.

2. Buffalo Chicken Wraps. This is a great and simple way to get great flavor and still stay healthy. Wings are great, but deep fried and fatty. You can get the same buffalo flavor with this recipe!

Click here for the rest of my favorite recipes-

3. Olive chicken roll-ups. This is one of my husband’s favorites as well. So delicious. A great weekend meal!

4. Tuna Cado Salad. Do yourself a favor and make this dish. I get hungry just looking at it! Seriously a great lunch.

5. Caulimash. The best side dish on the planet! Tastes exactly like garlic mashed potato. YUM! So good. ❤ LOVEEE!

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