Let’s Talk Nutrition: Back From Hiatus.

Hello, everyone. I am back after a short hiatus from writing. I am cured of my writer’s block and I’m looking forward to bringing you another spiffy article on viatmins and nutrients. If there is a topic you’d like to see covered in a future article, please get ahold of me and I’ll put it on my list!

It has been a busy season for me. I’ve been juggling my regular job at the answering service with trying to cover freelance articles and keep up with my crafty classes. Plus, the DF (Dear Fiance) and I are still trying to make changes towards a healthier lifestyle, which can be nerve wracking at times.

I’ve been leafing through my Paula Deen and Taste of Home: Healthy Cooking magazines for some new ideas on what to make. I occasionally find myself in a cooking rut. I am really good at making alot of things, but they tend to be things I make frequently. So you can see the dilemma. Grace’s page always has a ton of awesome ideas as well. She posted a recipe for Taco Eggrolls a while back, so I gave them a shot. NOM. They were spectacular. If you haven’t tried them, I recommend you do so immediately! You won’t be sorry.

I am thinking about trying to remake some recipes that I make frequently and make them vegetarian. My enchiladas for instance. Well, they are more like baked burritos. I don’t use corn tortillas, I use flour. I was thinking that they might be just as tasty if I replace the meat with veggies and tofu. Or sliced portabellas, since mushrooms have a meaty texture.

So keep watching this space for some new things coming in the near future!

-Earthbound Misfit-

One thought on “Let’s Talk Nutrition: Back From Hiatus.

  1. I love mushrooms as substitutes for meat! They have similar texture, they’re filling, and they have added nutrients that we don’t always get in other foods. Plus, they’ll take on the flavor of whatever you’re cooking (if you use the right spices and so on) and they have a lot less calories than meat does! šŸ™‚

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