60 minutes at Bahia Honda.

Taken from my bike or on our hike-20121106-121617.jpgI love the reflection of the bridge in the water.

20121106-121656.jpgSo calm.

20121106-121728.jpgFront side of Bahia Honda State Park.

20121106-121746.jpgAnother bridge view.

20121106-121807.jpgThis is the front side. You can see US 1 to the right.

20121106-121851.jpgIt’s always a good thing to do Jane or Bob!

20121106-121906.jpgRiding down the path to the sandspur beaches.

20121106-121922.jpgSandspur beach entrance 1.

20121106-121935.jpgView from mini bridge in between beaches.

20121106-121950.jpgCouldn’t believe how calm it was.

20121106-122003.jpgSee the gap in the bridge over yonder?

20121106-122017.jpgKayaks. Yellow, orange, and one green oh my.

20121106-122028.jpgMore Kayaks for the yankees.

20121106-122041.jpgI love this place!

20121106-122051.jpgAfter we rode for 60 minutes, we hiked up to the bridge. I wish I had gotten married here! Love this private podium!

20121106-122101.jpgMaking our way up.

20121106-122113.jpgKeep going!

20121106-122136.jpgGreen is my favorite color 🙂

20121106-122151.jpg❤ Be still my ocean beating heart.

20121106-122203.jpgGreen and sparkles– Doesn’t get any better.

20121106-122219.jpgWas really calm in the channel. Spotted 4 giant spotted sting rays. I mean they were the size of boulders.

20121106-122230.jpgMy husband’s favorite view of the entire park.

20121106-122238.jpgMy favorite shot of the bunch. Something about that green that speaks to my soul.

Had a great morning workout at good old Bahia Honda. I must remind myself to go there every single chance I get.

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