Mini Grocery Haul.

I plan on doing a bigger shopping soon, but here are a few things I picked up.

The haul–

4 plain chobani yogurts and 2 pineapple. For the plain I will use them for sour cream and mayo replacements or plain with a few chocolate almonds and honey drizzle.

Egg Whites and Eggs are a must have in this house. For omelets, bakes, whatever.

Olive salad Yum, smoked salmon, hummus and cheese! 80 calorie, 5 grams of fat jalapeno cheese sticks, and mozzarella and sharp cheddar. I always measure my cheese portions!

Sesame crispbread for snacks, and dark chocolate almonds. Buy one get one free even! Green tea with lemon for him, mint for her.

Bananas, pineapple, mango, mushrooms, garlic, avocado, tomato, broccoli, and 4 bags of lettuce.

I have some frozen organic chicken and natural center cut pork tenderloin chops in the freezer along with a ton of blue crab. So I didn’t need to buy any of that stuff.

Spent around 140 bucks. Island life is expensive!!

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