Weekend sabotage.

So here we are. Friday eve. Big weekend coming up. You go into it with the best intentions. I will stay good! I feel great. I got this! Next thing you know you have drank yourself into a stupor, or landed face first in the entire pint of butter pecan ice cream. You continue the downward spiral because hey it’s the weekend right?! That one indulgence leads to another. Which leads to another. Which might even continue into Monday. Trust me I am soooo guilty of this. NOT THIS WEEKEND! Here is how I plan to stay on track.

  1. I will allow myself one “free” meal this weekend. I am choosing that meal to be tomorrow afternoon. Lunch is a good time for a free meal, because you still have time to eat a nice healthy dinner, and burn off some of those extra calories. I plan on this meal to be whatever I want. Whether it’s semi healthy, healthy, or a bit unhealthy. We shall see! I will keep you updated 🙂
  2. Even on my “rest” day I will stay active. I plan on exploring a bit. Going to check out the flea market, going to hang out at a park, and will probably go walk around some old marina’s looking at boats. Any type of exercise is good! Our bodies for sure need a “rest” day, but we don’t have to be completely still!
  3. Since I have been good all week, I will allow myself a few libations. However, I will keep all of my alcohol intake TRACKED, and will not go overboard. I will not waste all of my hard work on liquid calories.
  4. I will continue to take pictures of all meals, and log all of my intake as well. Nothing like a public food journal to keep you honest!
  5. I will pretend like the “Weekend” is any other normal day. Let’s be honest. It is! We can do this!!!

Do not let temptation lead you down a slippery path of butterscotch cupcakes, cheetos, and soda. STAY STRONG. MAKE A PLAN. You can do it!!! Who is with me?!


Here is to a HEALTHY weekend friends!! GOOOD LUCK!

2 thoughts on “Weekend sabotage.

  1. My plan is to not do my typical lazy Saturday. :). What do our teachers say? Failing to plan is planning to fail, or something inspirational like that. Good vibes aimed your way!

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