Weekend sights.

It’s been a super nice weekend. I have managed to get in lots of exercise, and not totally over indulge. Here are some pictures for you 🙂

Picked this up from the market- Tri colored corn, raspberries, okra, squash, grapefruit, red potatoes, 2 sweet onions, broccoli, green beans, tomatoes, green pepper, avocado, 2 organic spinach boxes. We also went to the seafood market in Marathon. We got 2 pounds of key west pink shrimp, 1 lb of hogfish, 1 lb of yellowtail snapper, and 1 lb of large sea scallops. She also gave us some smoked salmon to try. It was amazing.

Got these herb plants for 2 dollars a piece. Sweet basil, spearmint, and rosemary. I honestly hope I can keep those cuties alive!

Saw this and almost bought it. Adorable.

We had sushi for lunch. This is the king crab roll.

And the spicy tuna sandwich.

Nautical stuffs.

Decided to take a quick boat ride last night. My oh my was it cold! It was so beautiful though!

The best raspberries I have had in a long time.

Raspberries, orange blossom honey, and plain greek chobani yogurt. The best breakfast ever! Yum.

That is all I got so far for ya! I will be sharing my meal plan for the week on the blog later. Got to go get some exploring and playing done right now. Talk to you guys soon!



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