Just a quick thought.

Happy Wednesday friends. I hope you all are having a beautiful day. I have had a great one so far. 20121114-135652.jpg

Got my girls Lucy, Petunia, and Sally out in the sun for a while. So happy I have not killed them! If I can keep them alive until Saturday, I think I might bring home some more happy little herb friends for them. I need thyme! GIVE ME THYME! I plan on building a nice little windowsill garden very soon.

20121114-135709.jpgSat down with a free copy of the Key West Citizen. I hope they give that guy jail time for illegally trapping lobsters! Oh and we have solar power on Pigeon Key. WOOHOO for Solar!

20121114-135718.jpgThe weather forecast seems pretty spot on… Ha!

20121114-135728.jpgTook a walk to the post office and noticed the solar panels on the bus station. Far out.

20121114-135803.jpgHello Mr. Gator. He lives in the Blue Hole.

20121114-135735.jpgGO National Key Deer Refuge!

Planning on having a nice lunch here in a bit, and getting some more exercise in. Come on Thursday!

Here is my quick thought– I was reading through the supermarket flyers and man are they naughty this week! They know people are planning Thanksgiving, so the buy one get one frees are OUT OF CONTROL. Things like mayo, chips, ice cream, pies, cheese, chocolate chips, sugary cereal, candy, donuts, mac and cheese, cake mix and soda to name a few. It is easy to go in with the best intentions, but come out with a ton of fatty crap because it was free. Here are my tips.

1. Make a list BEFORE you go. Do not be thrown off by those BUY ONE GET ONES in the store. If you are going to indulge FINE. But you do not need DOUBLE the indulge!

2. Eat before you go shopping! Or bring a snack. Oh, and bring some antibacterial soap because the grocery store is full of germs!

3. Stay Strong. You can have a perfectly balanced and wonderful Thanksgiving this year. Have a bit healthy, a bit naughty, but most importantly make memories with the ones you love, and NOT with food!

Do not be tempted by the junk! Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Just a quick thought.

  1. make memories with the ones you love…not food. I couldn’t have said it better myself, I may even quote you as I’m currently writing a blog about how to avoid the indulgence at christmas

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