Oh the places you will go.

Never did I ever dream-

I would be a captain of my own ship.The VilaVilaKula.

Or a first mate on the S/V Therapy. 

Helping navigate a 22 foot sailboat through 4 foot seas about 70 miles away from home. Rigging up a light system on my own, navigating with a flashlight through a dark bay, making insane logistical decisions on my own and those decisions actually helping our situation.

Or wrestling with 1-2 pound spider crabs in twenty feet of water for my family.I let him hold them because the bastard was scary enough to catch! I would spend 3-4 hours at a time hunting for these dudes.

Or that we could catch stone crabs in our backyard.

Or find and drink coconuts.Coconut water is expensive! No way am I paying for it!

Having enough fitness strength to ride my bike for 30 miles stretches at a time.

Or being able to catch dinner with just a piece of squid and a rod.

Or that I would be stomping around for hours bringing home blue crabs. I work hard every winter to fill my freezer full of meat.

Or that I would be living in the middle of the ocean.

Sporting this anchor on my forearm with pride.

Or that I would change my eating habits drastically…

and start living a healthier lifestyle–

To give me the ability to be confident, strong, and truly believe in myself. So I could do all of the above mentioned things.

Plus be a good mother-

and a good wife-

So I can continue doing all of the things I love, continue growing, and continue believing in myself.

Never stop believing. You can live the life you truly want to if you just keep working hard. Don’t stop. ❤


3 thoughts on “Oh the places you will go.

  1. Some really lovely pictures here Grace. Thank you so much for sharing those words! You are my new Yoda:0)

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