Tuesday Surprise.

Today has been interesting. My husband and I decided to go out for breakfast this morning. We ended up at this cute little cafe by our house called The Cracked Egg. It’s basically a dive, but good “cheep” food (it’s theme is rooster, chicken, eggs decor). I got a combo for seven dollars. It included 2 over easy eggs, turkey bacon, homestyle potatoes, and biscuits and gravy. Was it healthy? Probably not the healthiest. Do I regret it? NO! It was yummy 🙂 Sometimes you just have to live a bit. I ended up leaving some biscuit and 1 whole egg behind. Iced tea to drink.

On our way home I saw the cutest little dog on the side of the road. Of course I made my husband pull over. He had a tag on with his phone number and name. Before I could call his owners, “Reese” took off. It took a few minutes of cardio, but I caught up to him and successfully returned him to his owner. Little Reese was almost to the highway, so I am glad I could help him and his family.

This afternoon we had some time to visit our blue crab hole…..

Lunch was blue crabs on top of a salad.

Dinner was lightened up fish parmesan and broccoli. I used just a few bread crumbs, a bit of parm, and a bit of egg whites to coat the filets. Baked with tomato slices, and a bit of italian cheese. Perfect.

Not every single day will be perfect. You might not get a 1000 calorie burn day, or you might have a not so healthy breakfast. The point is balance. It’s not about being “perfect” it’s about living. I hope you guys had a great day 🙂

Totals 1,444 99 57 70 19
Your Daily Goal 1,876 257 62 70 22
Remaining 432 158 5 0 3
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Fiber
*You’ve earned 486 extra calories from exercise today

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Surprise.

  1. That sounds awesome. I love those little dive places! Normally some of the best cheap food ever. Way better than going through a drive through place in my opinion! =D

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