Adventures of Kingsley.

Kingsley has been a part of our family for almost three months now. It seems much longer. He fits right in with everyone. We all adore him. He is spunky, happy, and always a ball full of energy. All three of the pups are best of friends.74753_302624226505445_355334335_n

Pippilotta, Belvedere, and Kingsley.

Poor Kingsley has had us a nervous wreck all weekend. On Saturday morning he was very apathetic, lethargic, yelping, and drooly. He puked up his lunch, and I knew something was wrong. I had never seen him so sick. He refused to drink water. I immediately thought he must have a blockage. We found a gold bow that had been chowed down on so we thought oh no. Vet time. We rushed him to the Marathon Vet Hospital for xrays. Turns out there was a small amount of stuff in his tummy, but they couldn’t identify if it was food or not. We went home with no meds.

12041_305202839580917_270086999_nMy sad sick boy.

Sunday morning he was a little better, but mostly still really uncomfortable. I made another appointment with the vet for first thing Monday morning. We brought him in to meet with Dr. Molly just a few hours ago.He got more xrays and blood work done. He showed no blockages, and perfect blood work. Poor little Kingsley was/is just having a really bad GI problem. They gave us doggie peptic ac, and pepto. I was so relieved that it was something so simple. I was thinking he was going to have to get surgery! We all learned a lesson. It’s super important to keep a really close eye on your pets. NOTHING can be left around for them chew on either. I mean NOTHING. Part of his GI problem has to be something that he ate I think.

Anyways, Kingsley is resting and acting a bit better. I am hoping he is completely better really soon. Thanks for all of the concern. Kingsley and I really appreciate it! Here is the first Kingsley toy interaction that I have seen in days. Made me smile 🙂



This weekend was not very relaxing! Hope yours was! 🙂 Happy Monday!


One response to “Adventures of Kingsley.

  1. Cute furbabies! Hope Kingsley gets well soon!

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