All you do is seafood.

Seafood in the morning. Seafood in the evening. Seafood at suppertime.

Yes friends. I take advantage of my amazing surroundings to eat fresh lovely seafood. I would say it’s my main source of lean protein. Some people are amazingly scared of seafood. Either they don’t know how to prepare it, or they tried some really crappy frozen shit that sucks. All I am saying is give seafood a try. It’s not all fishy tasting.

Even if you do not live near the water you can still find decent seafood. The trick is to buy wild frozen fish or usa caught shrimp. DO NOT EAT FARMED ANYTHING. I am talking farmed tilapia ( I have never found wild tilapia in my entire life) farmed salmon, shrimp from china, or anything that was grown on a “Farm”. You want WILD. Those pinkish farmed salmon filets you see at the grocery store behind the seafood department? Stay very very far away! If you have a nice seafood market near by go talk to the fishmongers. You should always make good friends with the fish guy! Be adventurous. Do not be afraid of the sea creatures.

Once you have picked out some nice wild seafood now you should do some research. Google preparation methods, recipes, or hell even what you are going to eat. My biggest tip is to not OVERCOOK seafood. Shrimp are not supposed to be shriveled up and rubbery. Fish is to flake, not to be so dry it tastes horrible. Of course raw is not good either, it just takes practice. You will become a pro in no time no matter what kind of seafood you choose to cook.

Am I suggesting going out and hunting for it? ABSOLUTELY if you have the resources. I never imagined being able to touch bait, bait a fishing rod, catch a crab, net a crab, or wrestle with a 2 lb crab, but those times have been some of the best in my entire life. If your loved one likes to fish…go with them! I promise it’s fun. Plus all the hard work is worth it. Free food and entertainment + exercise? Yes please.

Some people think it’s mean to kill sea creatures. Here are my thoughts. At least a creature under the sea is truly free. There are no fences, no boundaries, and I feel like they get to have a wonderful life just swimming around down there. I am a stickler for regulation and I truly support sustainable fishing. This means I never take undersized catches, and I release females.  I do my part so I can help to feed my family without guilt. Every single thing I catch is killed humanely and not wasted.

I encourage you to dig a little deeply here people. Try something new. It might suck. You might hate it. But maybe…just maybe you will fall in love with something new. Good luck!!!!

If you have any questions on seafood preparation please ask me in the comments!

Some Seafood Inspirations-197803_10151191640169942_898575635_n Some of the first Snapper I caught.582127_10151220955739942_1984043598_n Simple steamed shrimp in old bay. So simple.293057_10151360884179942_1257712023_n Snapper filets.298434_10151411249154942_1149895726_n Spider crab claw. Meat is so very sweet.183321_281645358603332_1377863606_n Seafood stew with clams, mussels, and shrimp.565060_284504614984073_348213789_n Asian marinated salmon.228094_284639321637269_1116600834_n Grouper filets!12658_293190954115439_1096227938_n Maine lobster, clams, stone crabs, and KW Pink shrimp.549062_295310067236861_1350844334_n Beloved Blue Crab.215967_300319883402546_7733809_n Smoked Salmon!306077_301816639919537_305871206_n More blues!379504_261271307264365_1007985060_n Fish Tacos.396237_279362462121916_1297991673_n Broiled Scallops.424341_314382745286554_1598823872_n Lemon Pepper tuna.417008_320665647991597_1792663884_n Chef Ron Browns inspire crabby bowtie pasta.533030_343126309078864_327387653_n Shrimp Cocktail.580267_346343792090449_1384373972_n Crab, Avocado, Mango stack.374033_348987371826091_2134137930_n Salmon over greens.521582_349194191805409_985284937_n Shrimp Miso soup.576347_353407531384075_62915780_n Smoked samon over sauted spinach.575229_353560954702066_1123957279_n Lemon basil pesto pasta with shrimps.579434_356018041123024_1268935755_n Crabby soup.578901_358031067588388_186419074_n Garlic mussels.380192_363740413684120_519732252_nSushi!!!


Here is a link to some of my seafood blogs/recipes. Good luck!

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